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User-Friendly Software supplies cost effective EDI, barcoding and integration services to businesses ranging in size from mom-and-pop sized businesses to huge $300 million/year multi-location corporations. We strive to assist in cost avoidance and reductions in vendor chargebacks through compliance solutions. We are also recommended and certified EDI enablers - meaning that we can assist in your EDI roll-out programs. Since 1984! Active DISA member since 1990 - www.disa.org

User-Friendly Software offers many products and services to suite your unique specific needs and the requirements of your trading partners or prospective customers. Our services help your company grow. We have assisted many customers in growing their businesses. We have many customers that have taken advantage of this unique program and now do EDI in-house.

For those companies requiring in-house EDI, we offer FrEDI 4.0 (for Friendly EDI). FrEDI is an easy to use, configurable EDI translator with a built-in database. FrEDI can be mapped and integrated with other software and systems. Version 4 is robust and poweful, yet easy to use and it fulfills the promise of "Paperless" EDI office. Output and store as PDF, RTF, HTML and exchange data via XML, CSV, or flat-file. FrEDI is in use as a front end application to AS/400, Unix, and PC based accounting packages including Oracle, MAS-90/200/500, Peachtree, Quickbooks, as well as home grown accounting and transportation packages. We offer customized systems and mapping development, specialized trading partner set-ups and flat files to let your host computer "talk" EDI.

Our products and services offer the best value in EDI today and we have one of the best teams in the business. As a recommended EDI enabler for many retailers and grocery concerns, we are sure that our products and services will be of value to your company. Please call today to see if your trading partner has special pricing for you.

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C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Cathy Frye
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AVA Pork Products
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Alpha Data Systems, Inc.
John Hennessey
(845) 735-8753
Hanover Foods
Jamie Hernandez or
Cyntia Stambaugh
(717) 632-6000 ext. 4839/4837
Polyvinyl Films
Jack Connor
(508) 865-3558
Phillips Foods, Inc.
Brad Grant
(443) 263-1262
American Popcorn
(Jollytime Brand)
Lisa McGaffey
(712) 239-1232

Heritage Marketing Group
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